Nim-Yola is a rocky world full of mountains and deserts, with very little liquid water on its surface. It does have quite a bit of frozen water at its poles, though. Its natural fauna including living oozes that are often hunted by other animals as a source of water, giant scorpions in the deserts, yeti in the mountains, terror birds, wyverns, sand worms, cliff raptors, lurkers, and of course, the great mastadon herds.

It is thought that humans arrived in Nim-Yola from some other plane over ten thousand years ago, when the city of Apija-ro first appeared on the shores of the Sea of Apija. They relied on the use of magic to create a vast magico-industrialized empire, binding elementals to power factories and vehicles like trains and airships. The Elemental Uprising was a serious blow to the empire, as elementals freed themselves from captivity and proceeded to wage war upon the empire. Their breeding program created dragons by breeding with wyverns, and fire and frost giants by breeding with their human sympathizers. The tribes of frost giants in the far north curbed the empire’s expansion, as dragons grew ancient and powerful and rained their fury upon the Apijan cities throughout the mountains and deserts, built around magical pumps that bound earth and water elementals to pump water from deep beneath the surface.

Three thousand years ago, however, the ice from the poles began to expand quickly, and before long all of Nim-Yola was encased in ice. This led to the extinction of the world’s warm-adapted species and the collapse of the Apijan Empire. Their survivors are called the Tribes of Apija. The brief ice age has since abated, though the polar regions remain much expanded from their previous size. Many of the Apijan tribes have expanded into the deserts and grasslands closer to the equator since then.

This history has left Nim-Yola as a world of magico-industrial ruins, vast grasslands, lifeless deserts, and harsh, frozen mountains, populated by tribes of giants and barbarians descended from a fallen civilization, and powerful elemental creatures. The ruins of Apija-ro are currently being devoured by Dis.


  • Tribes of Apija: The barbarian tribes descended from the Apijan Empire. They have a wide variety of customs, traditions, and languages, broadly divided into the Desert People, the Grasslanders, and the Mountain Folk.
  • Frost Giants: The frost giant tribes are descended from earth and air elementals and humans sympathetic to the elementals’ cause. They live in the mountains at the north and south poles. They hold the south pole exclusively, while in the north they are frequently in conflict with the Mountain Folk.
  • Mountain Giants: The mountain giants are descended from earth elementals and humans sympathetic to the elementals’ cause. They live in mountains closer to the equator, where they are frequently in conflict with the Mountain Folk, and more rarely the Desert People or the Grasslanders.
  • Dragons: Dragons are descended from elementals and wyverns. They are relatively few in number. Dragons tend to live alone, becoming both larger and more magically potent with age. Their social interactions are dominated by a few ancient, powerful creatures.



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